Hiking is the preferred way to arrive at our club, and connects you with the values and traditions of our founders and members. Whenever possible, please hike in or share rides to the club, as parking is very limited in our parking lot and in the surrounding communities along Ridge Avenue and Panoramic Highway. We supply directions below for how to reach us by motor vehicle or bus.


We are a private club. Please consult our Calendar to determine if we are open to guests before you plan a visit.

Tourist Club vista

How to Find Us

By Foot

There are two main routes to the Tourist Club: the Dipsea Trail to the Sun Trail, and the Redwood Trail. These trails have wonderful views toward the west and wildflowers in the spring. Many believe that the most rewarding hike to the club is to take the Dipsea Trail from downtown Mill Valley to the Sun Trail.

We recommend obtaining a Mt. Tamalpais trail map, which can be purchased in downtown Mill Valley, REI, or wherever trail maps are sold. See links below to online trail map PDFs.

  • The Dipsea Trail — Although there is a significant amount of uphill on the way here, including the famous Dipsea Steps (688, count 'em), it is all downhill on the way back!
    1. Start in downtown Mill Valley near The Depot Bookstore & Cafe at Throckmorton and Miller Avenues
    2. Walk up Throckmorton Avenue to Old Mill Park.
    3. Proceed up the Dipsea Steps at the end of Cascade Way.
    4. At the top of the Dipsea Steps, turn right to walk a short distance on the trail along the road, then continue up Walsh.
    5. At the top of Bayview Drive you will reach Panoramic Highway.
    6. Cross Panoramic, then go north about 50 feet along the highway to find the Dipsea Trail sign (see photo below).
    7. Continue on the Dipsea Trail, then turn right after 0.1 miles at the Y.
    8. Follow the Sun Trail for 0.7 miles to the Tourist Club.

    Those without a map or knowledge of the turns along this route could have difficulty finding their way. This hike is 2 miles and takes about 50 minutes.

  • The Sun Trail
    1. Start near the intersection of Panoramic Highway and Bayview Drive.
    2. Find the Dipsea Trail sign on the west side of Panoramic Highway.
    3. Follow the Dipsea Trail for 0.1 miles to the Y where the Sun Trail splits to the right.
    4. Follow the Sun Trail for 0.7 miles to the Tourist Club.

    This hike takes about 20 minutes.

  • The Redwood Trail
    1. Start at the public parking lot and trailhead at the intersection of Panoramic Highway and Edgewood Avenue.
    2. Walk south on the Panoramic Trail for about 0.4 miles.
    3. Turn right down the Redwood Trail for 0.7 miles to the Tourist Club.

    This hike takes about 25 minutes.

Elevation profile
Dipsea Trail sign at Panoramic Hwy and Bay View Dr

Our club is not ADA accessible. Our lodge is about one half mile from our Ridge Avenue parking lot down a series of steep and narrow switchbacks. There are numerous staircases, uneven steps, and trails that make navigating our 100+ year-old property challenging. It can be difficult for the infirm, those with perambulators (baby carriages), and anyone who wishes to avoid steep and narrow, rocky trails.

Bicycles are prohibited on the Dipsea, Panoramic, Redwood, and Sun Trails.

Guests may not bring dogs to the Tourist Club. Dogs are prohibited in Muir Woods National Monument, and are not allowed on Mt. Tamalpais State Park property (including Redwood Trail and Sun Trail) except for the Pantoll Campsite and the Alice Eastwood Road. Dogs are allowed in the Marin Municipal Water District, but must be on leash at all times.

Tourist Club topo map
Muir Woods National Monument Trail Map
Our coordinates: 37° 53' 54.58" N, 122° 34' 12.12" W (37.898495, -122.570034), Elevation: 203m, 665ft

Marin County Trail Maps and Guides

By Motor Vehicle

Our parking lot is at 30 Ridge Avenue, Mill Valley, about one-half mile up steep and narrow switchbacks from the main lodge. Parking is limited in our parking lot and on surrounding streets, which is why we encourage everyone to hike to the club or share transportation.

To reach our lodge from the parking lot, you walk down a hill of steep switch-backs. Note:  Driving on the club's access road is prohibited. If you wish to avoid walking down and up the hill, you could park near the intersection of Panoramic Highway and Bayview Drive and take the Sun Trail to the club (see description above), which is 0.8 miles on a narrow, mostly level, dirt and rock hiking trail.

From the South or North

  1. From the south: Take Highway 101 north from San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge to Mill Valley
    From the north: Take Highway 101 south through Marin County towards Mill Valley
  2. Take exit #445B for Highway 1 north to Stinson Beach, Muir Woods, and Mt. Tamalpais [Start 0.0 miles]
  3. Turn left at Tam Junction to continue on Highway 1 [Cumulative distance 0.6 miles]
  4. Turn right on Panoramic Highway toward Muir Woods and Mt. Tamalpais [Cumulative distance 3.4 miles]
  5. Continue straight on Panoramic Highway when you reach the four-way intersection of Muir Woods Road and Sequoia Valley Road [Cumulative distance 4.0 miles]
  6. Turn left on Ridge Avenue [Cumulative distance 5.1 miles]
  7. Continue on Ridge Avenue for 0.2 miles to 30 Ridge Avenue and park in the lot on the right [Total distance 5.3 miles]
  8. The walking trail to the club is to the left of the garage in the parking lot.

No Driving on Club's Private Access Road

Visitors may not drive their vehicle or ride in a hired vehicle on club's access road. If a delivery, infirmity, or other reason warrants an exception, advance permission from the club must be obtained.

Note regarding parking

  • Whenever possible, please hike in or share rides to the club, as parking is very limited in our parking lot and in the surrounding communities along Ridge Avenue and Panoramic Highway.
  • If you do drive and park near the club, be very careful to park legally, completely off the road in a legal parking place, and not blocking driveways or means of ingress and egress. Rangers and local police authorities issue tickets to vehicles parking illegally or unsafely.
  • Please be careful walking along Panoramic Highway and other streets. We want you to arrive and leave safely.

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By Bus

The West Marin Stagecoach offers convenient bus service to and from the Tourist Club, starting at the Manzanita Park & Ride right off Highway 101 at the Mill Valley/Stinson Beach/Highway 1 exit. See their website for route, cost, and payment details.

The bus drops off at three nearby locations on Panoramic Highway:

  1. Bayview Drive, from where you can hike to the club via the Sun Trail
  2. Ridge Avenue, the cross street with Panoramic Highway that leads to the club parking lot
  3. The Mountain Home Inn, from where you can hike to the club via the Panoramic Trail to the Redwood Trail

You can then proceed to the club following the directions in the By Foot or By Motor Vehicle sections above.

Tourist Club direction sign

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