Guest Days

In the tradition of European hiking clubs and mountain Hütte, our guest days provide a place for hikers and mountaineers to stop for rest and refreshment after a day spent hiking, climbing, or exploring the trails and woods of Mt. Tamalpais.

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Upcoming Guest Days at the Tourist Club

 ●  Sunday, June 19, 2016Sold out

 ●  No guest days are currently scheduled.

Our Guest Days

  • We are a private club and we are closed to guests unless our Calendar lists a guest day, festival, or other event specifically open to guests.
  • Guest days are open to all ages.
  • Our hours are posted on the calendar.
  • Guest days happen when they happen. We will update our Calendar when one is offered.
  • We are in the woods, and a minimum half-mile hike is required to reach our lodge. It's been known for people to get lost trying to find us. We suggest you review the Directions prior to setting out on your hike.
  • We have a limited number of tables and benches. Guests might want to bring a blanket or ground cloth to spread on the deck or ground.
  • We do not accept credit cards, debit cards, electronic transfers, or checks for purchases at the Tourist Club. There is no ATM on the premises.
  • Please share rides, as parking is very limited near our lodge. See Directions for details.
  • Our club is not ADA accessible. There are numerous staircases, uneven steps, and trails that make navigating our 100+ year-old buildings and grounds challenging.
  • The guest day goes on, rain or shine.

Ticketed Guest Days

Some of our guest days require an advance ticket purchase, which will be indicated in the announcement.

  • When guest day tickets are offered, guests must purchase tickets in advance. We don't sell tickets at the gate.
  • A ticket purchase is required for adults 18 years and older. Under 18 are welcome and there's no charge or ticket required.
  • Be certain to choose the correct date for your tickets. They cannot be exchanged for a different date after your purchase.
  • Your admission is good only for the day indicated, either Saturday or Sunday. You cannot use a Saturday admission for Sunday, or vice versa.
  • You don't need a ticket purchase receipt; we have your name on the guest list. Check in at the gate with a photo ID when you arrive. See your ticket purchase order confirmation email for information on allowing someone else to use your tickets.
  • All ticket sales are final. Keine Rückerstattung — No refunds.

Food & Drink at Guest Days

  • We offer beer, wine, non-alcoholic drinks, and light snacks for sale at our guest days, including chips, Landjäger (a semi-dried sausage great for hiking), chocolate, and sometimes pickles and pretzels.
  • Guests are welcome to bring a trail picnic to a guest day. If guests bring a picnic, we ask that they pack out their own trash.
  • While we don't sell food other than light snacks at our guest days, we do sell food at our annual Festivals in May, July, and September.
  • No outside alcohol is allowed at any time at our club.
  • We are trying to reduce plastic and paper waste, consequently we do not provide disposable water drinkware. We suggest that guests bring and use personal water containers (not glass).
Bier vom FassBier, Landjäger, GurkenDo-it-yourself trail picnic

Food & drink options at our guest days include beer and wine, non-alcoholic drinks, light snacks, and DIY trail picnics


  • We have board and card games available.
  • If someone is inspired, there might be accordion, piano, guitar, or other music.

Guest Rules

It is the responsibility of every guest to the Tourist Club to be familiar with and to abide by our Guest Rules.

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